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Technology and innovation drives us

Our Company

Staying ahead of the faced paced technological advances is one of our many core strengths. With a blend of knowledge from an expert team based in Australia, we work towards a common goal of building top-notch tech solutions with your business in mind.

About us
SonicSoft Team of Champs

The team is the heart of any IT service provider

The SonicSoft team comprises of field experts who are thirsty for dynamic, amiable designs and unique initiatives. They make it all possible! Hence, we pride ourselves on the passion and the drive we have towards solving intricate business challenges, delivering foolproof tech solutions that ultimately deliver quantifiable value to our customers.

Our Approach to a tech solution

Ensuring consistent, timely solution delivery

Step 1

Getting to know each other

This is where we first meet and greet, share a few initial thoughts, and present our way of working to you - to be a part of your journey.

Step 2

Reach a common consensus

After our initial discussions, if you think we are the right fit, we go ahead and really commence delving deep into your requirements and solution delivery.

Step 3

Research and understanding

We analyze your organizational processes, background, and needs, to build a clear picture. We follow a comprehensive procedure of domain research, market/competitor research.

Step 4

Planning and Formulating your Solution

We empathize with your end-users to identify pain points or opportunities to be exploited in the IT solution. With you, we define your key USPs that makes your solution a success.

Step 5


We design your solution with intuitive user experiences. During execution, we develop your solution with cutting-edge technologies, assure its quality, and validate the solution.

Step 6

Project Completion

Once thorough regression testing, system testing, and end-user acceptance testing is performed, the completed solution will be delivered and maintained.